About OB K.eng


So you stumbled unto my page… I’m not sure how you got here, but I think the internet had something to do with it.


The people in my neighborhood are not so lucky.


They never survived.


They became beggars, addicts, homeless; they killed people, they got killed by people, some lost their minds, others lost their bodies…


I saw it all. I watched the decline take my friends, it took my family, it could have had me. I almost lost a lung, I’ve watched my blood drip down the middle of a busy expressway, I’ve been kidnapped by the police, but I did it. I survived. You know how I did?


I observed, I took notes, I fought back and I laughed… a lot.


Do you ever feel like your society is holding you down from greatness? Like you’re destined to fly, but something is pulling at your legs. SHACKLES.

They’re everywhere. In the food, In the water, In the air, In the people, trying to hold you back, trying to pierce your skin. Yet they’re untraceable. The perfect illusion.


THESE BOOKS will help you to break free of those shackles and teach you to see them coming, in ways that you will understand.


BooksByOB is the ultimate survival kit, a collection of imaginative stories by OB KEENG that will help you navigate the waters of life, dream and fulfil your ultimate potential.








The early days….  LogicLaughs1 or LogicLaughs2



on Amazon


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