Happy new year my Princes and Princesses… It’s the year of the 6. We haven’t even gone through january and already..

Leonardo di Caprio has been raped by a bear,

the tallest building in the world is on fire


Real Madrid has finally found a coach that Ronaldo can’t disrespect.

As it’s a brand new year, I thought I’d try something different, so I hit the studio and mixed a track for you. It’s a love song, so you know I love you, and the lyrics are a bit crass, but so are you.

What I love about this song is it will either make you laugh or it will make you cry, but either way you get your money’s worth, because it’s absolutely free.

I call this one “Make her feel”

You can download the track here



PS. My name is OB KeengI’m a Creative Writer and Musician. This is where I share my weird thoughts with the world.


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