Facebook says today is my birthday day. Happy birthday day to me!! and Even though there’s no cake, I blew out some candles anyway; and the first wish that came to my mind when I closed my eyes was that

you guys would stop complaining so much about politicians.

On my Radio and TV all I hear is politicians. Senator drives this, Governor bought that, 16 billion dollar this… I have one Question: Is it your money????  Ans: Well, actually it is your money but… high BP is hard to treat. I’m just saying. Don’t worry so much.

Back to the matter. Those of you who wished me a happy birthday, this piece is for you. If you didn’t wish me a happy birthday tho, then you can go and klimb kufena mountain and fall this is for you too.

Before I proceed with the freebie I want to warn that this book is very gender sensitive.. or is it gender insensitive? I mean there’s a lot of gender stuff going on. So grow some skin.

This one is called LAID TO REST. Enjoy.

To download LAID TO REST in .pdf please click here

Oh, and this is the crude cover…



P/S Don’t forget to check out my Amazon page for books, comics and lots more content. Thanks for reading. Feel free to Comment if you like. *smile emoji*



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