I wrote this for you a couple of internet minutes ago. It was supposed to be part of my stand up routine, but it came out all wrong. ..

Now I’m not sure if it’s a poem, a song, a puzzle, a joke, a love letter or a suicide note, but I’m hoping at the end of it, you could tell me. I called it I LIKE YOU. I think I was channeling this guy when I wrote it…

rasta man


I like you becos you laff

It means you see the good in people

Even if you not laffin now, you’ll be laffin soon don’t worry

Some don’t laff to feel like celebrity

Well, celebrity laff the most

Or at least they should be.


I would give you my number

But it fall inside water

not the phone, the number fall inside water

I mean,

The place I wrote it fall inside water—

I don’t know my own number.

I’d ask the people that call me but…

I don’t want to look stoopid ya know?

But at least a person phone fallin in water

Is better than person phone fallin on ground..


Because water liquid, floor is solid, liquid softer—


I know maths


rasta 2


We use technology

for funniest things

like phone

before phone we use mail letters

now we use phone to flash & pingu

but if you send blank letter to person,

they call ya crazy, ya know?

But now there’s call me back—

and text.

But if I send letter to person..

and letter says “send me letter”

they call ya foulish, ya know?

In my country,

They flash person with land line

that like posting letter wit no address,


but we developing country still

your country develop

but all country still developing tho

Why ya stop?

We third world country still

You first world.

we have three world

Why you have only one, ya know?


You laff yet?

Where your laff emoji?

But if you send letter—

With draw smiley face on top

To person

They call ya stalker, ya know?

rasta 3


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