These are 19 of my favorite local slangs/proverbs and after a whole lot of enquiries, I think i’ve finally found out what they mean in plane english, brothers.

One thing must kill somebody / Everybody must die from something


1. Life is short,

so shorten it…

The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know


1. Never change anything; Stay the same

2. Respect the status quo; Do not experiment;

3. Don’t go outside;

4. Vote PDP

No rest for the wicked / Body no be wood


1. You’re a good person if you sleep a lot;

2. Workaholics are the devil

3. Stay vigilant or you’ll be attacked… by the vigilant

4. Don’t suffer your body too much… take alcohol instead

No food for lazy man


1. In this economy, no food for working man either, what’s your point?

Horn before overtaking


1. I have no trafficator,

2. no brake lights or headlights,

3. but if you dare to pass,

4. and then die,

5. you caused it.

6. What am I?

Good name is better than riches


1. So I named my children Godswill, Godspower, Godisgood,

Godwin, Goddie, Godina and Godsriches

But did you die?


1. You’re not in pain unless the answer is ‘yes’

2. Don’t complain;

3. Complain to your coffin

See me, See wahala


1. See you, See wahala

Look at this one


1. Idiot alert;

2. I just found another idiot;

3. You idiots amaze me

Are you mad?


1. A term of endearment / how are you?

dey there now


1. If you don’t know by now, you’re an idiot

2. Will you believe me or will you keep being an idiot?

3. I can’t explain, but you’re an idiot

Wake me up by 8


1. I need someone to blame when I wake up by 10

2. My laziness is your responsibility

How far now?


1. I need some money

What’s up?


1. I need some money

Wetin dey?


1. Where is the money?

I carried you when you were small


1. Bro, do you even lift?

Happy birthday to me!


1. For godssakes send money!

I can’t sleep


1. Memories of my ex haunt me at night

What’s the time?


1. I have no watch, so

you are my timekeeper for the evening

2. You have a nice watch, so… you’re my watch now

3. My time is very important to me… tell me what it is

4. Tell me your time, the universe depends on it!

slang 2


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