No doubt this is already one of the hottest topics of the year.


When I started writing this, the presidential candidates were signing a “pledge” not to resort to violence in the coming elections. I watched the president sign it too, which was totally hilarious. It’s not everyday your president promises not to kill you on live TV… Anyways, at least it helps put the message across – If you choose to fight, you’re on your own bruh.  INEC chose Valentine’s day for the election too, so you’d be like.. a total wierdo if you attacked someone on Valentine’s I guess.

GEJ chillin' #boss
GEJ chillin’ #boss


When a friend told me GEJ was the best president we ever had, I really couldn’t argue with him; mostly because another friend had told me GEJ was the worst president we ever had. And I couldn’t really argue with him either.  Because let’s face it, if there was an award for “most stressed out president” dude would probably make the top 5. He inherited an entire series of bad decisions from past rulers, and everyone expected him to fix the country in four years. Mostly because he told us he would.. but that’s not the point.

I think we can agree that the administration hasn’t been so great. Nobody denies that. It’s had it’s moments tho. The airports were spruced up for one, and many roads. There’s the railways I keep hearing about, which are really cool. Then agriculture improved, I think. Hey, the eagles won the nation’s cup! and we killed Ebola. But then there’s a whole catalogue of terrible things that went down..

First there was the subsidy removal, then soo much money lost or misappropriated or just not found. Stuff blew up and girls got kidnapped – that’s really the mildest way of putting it. The many many strikes. Oil prices and gas getting lost and electricity getting worse and the military having issues and I think I should stop now..

The king of Iron fist
The king of Iron fist

From all indications, his major opponent is GMB, a former Military ruler. At least I think he was.. Word on the street is that no one can find this guy’s school certificates; which could mean his schooling was poorly documented OR, he’s the greatest criminal mastermind of all time. Also, he’s 73 years old apparently (is this an Obama vs McCain thing??). Some people say he’s anti-corrupt, like the antiviruses. Others say he’s a dictator, and by others, I mean his opposition.

Then there’s the views that he’s been in ‘hibernation’ for like 30 years, I mean he didn’t release a book or anything. So I guess it’s reasonable to question his motives. There’s views that he’s a religious zealot too. The infamous Boko Haram sect nominated him as a spokesperson. He refused by the way, but that’s interesting..


I just want to wish everyone a safe and successful election. and a happy valentine’s coincidentally. I can only wish for more accountability in leadership. You should be electing a president, not choosing a King. I hate that the elections are presented like a famed boxing match, then the real issues end up skirted. Such as, how do you lead a country without knowing how many people are in it?  stuff like that. I guess it’s not that simple..

Any comments you have.. about who to vote for, or things you think I missed, I’d really like to hear them


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